How long is the brake pads in a _ brake pads when to change?

Just have a car, a little bit of small conditions can we choose to go to 4 s shop, but after a long time, we will have a lot of experience, some problems we can judge for yourself, such as brake pads do you want to change.


When we drive vehicles with 3 to 60000 km, we only need to consider whether to need to replace the brake pads, brake pads before generally heavier than brakes after grinding, check when can check the front brake pads. Specific how many kilometres to replace brake pads or vary from person to person, because of the car, owing to the different road conditions.

The dashboard

The car dashboard can have brake lights, warning lights up when the brake pads, brake lining is can't use, so we have to check the brake pads in advance, early replacement, don't wait for warning lights to change again.



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