Be about to change spark plugs to tens of thousands of miles, how do?

Compared to the oil filter, air filter, machine to replace frequently in the maintenance of accessories, the spark plug is not an often mentioned accessories, but if the spark plug aging, the overall performance of the vehicle will be affected, so the spark plug must be replaced periodically. The spark plug replacement cycle is how long?

What is the spark plug?
First to know about the first what on earth is the spark plug. It is gasoline engine spark ignition system in high voltage current is introduced into the cylinder, in order to ignite combustible mixed gas components; Mainly by connection nut, insulators, screw, center, side electrode and electrode shell, electrode welding on the shell side.

In short, the car engine running need to burn fuel, electric spark is produced by the spark plug ignites the fuel, so the stand or fall of spark plug affects the working effect of the engine.

One of the main influence factor is the spark plug gap between electrodes, the gap is too small, the spark is weak, and easy for producing carbon leakage; Required higher breakdown voltage, gap is too big, not easy to start the engine, and likely to occur when high speed of fire.



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